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    You got the time? I got the words

    Gwyneth and Chris and why I care way too much

    Waaahhh! Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have split up??? What the hey the what the? My day started so beautifully and now this! Goodbye kisses from my husband, good morning kisses from my daughter, a workout, a walk in the sun with my Labrador. It doesn’t get better. But then my world shatters when I ……

  • Gale and me resized
    Short 'n' Sweet

    If real pregnant women did magazine covers

    By now you would have seen Megan Gale’s beautiful Marie Claire cover. Gorgeously nude, glowingly pregnant. It’s a familiar look. In fact it was 23 years ago when Demi Moore became the first to grace a cover knocked up and naked. Back then the Vanity Fair cover was subversive because no one had been “brave” enough ……

  • Pickering featured image
    D'ya see this?

    A Farewell to Pickering

    While it’s the start of a new and exciting time for Charlie Pickering, it is a sad day for the rest of us as we farewell him from his role as host of The Project. He, together with the incomparable Carrie Bickmore and Dave Hughes, have steered that ship into a brilliant mix of news, ……

  • Lessons for Life

    Stay tuned!!!

    While I know you know I know about life, I haven’t yet got it together to share what I know with you.  So instead, while you wait for my wisdom, here’s my favourite Vine of all time.  To tide you over.